Legendary Legs Workout #3

Legendary Legs Workout #3

Want a kick ass leg workout to not only build size, but strength as well?  Well here’s a good one for you!  If you are following our 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, welcome to Day #17!   If you are just randomly finding this workout, consider checking out the trainer.  It’s ten weeks of grueling workouts to get you the best damn workouts ever and my best trainer so far, in my humble opinion!

It’s heavy weight today, so you will be doing less reps, though the workout will take about the same amount of time since you will be resting a bit more.  Between sets, instead of just standing around being useless, you should be stretching.  On all workouts but especially the heavy weight days, I like to stretch between every single set.  This loosens up your muscle, and will enable you to do more weight as well as get a better pump.  Too much stretching between sets can actually lead to lower performance according to studies, so just do some quick stretching.  This will also help prevent injury as well, which is a big positive, since injuries can occur easier when lifting big.

Start off with some cycling, stretching and you will be ready to pre-exhaust those legs with the leg extensions.  While some might wonder why you would pre-exhaust your legs on heavy days, well my answer is that when I am fully warmed up, I am usually stronger.  Even if I am a tad weaker, my leg muscles and knee joints will be much better prepared for the heavy weight that will be bearing down on them, and injury will be much less likely.  If you are injured, you definitely won’t be able to be lifting heavy weight and getting maximum gains.  Train smart my friends!

Ready to roll them wheels?  Let’s get this party started!!!!!!!!

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