Legendary Legs Workout #7

Legendary Legs Workout #5

We are going heavy today, and the goal is to get those wheels strong and chiseled!  I have prepared, tested and finalized a killer workout to get you there.

If you put in your 110%, your legs should already be screaming a bit after your leg extensions.  These are designed to “Pre-exhaust” your legs.  This accomplished two things;  warming your muscles up as well as fatiguing them, to make the other exercises even tougher.  You will be then doing leg press and hack squats with heavy weights, so it is going to be tough.  Couple that with glute kickbacks supersetted with lunges, and your legs are in for a real treat.

I sometimes get asked why I have more exercises for quads, and less for hamstrings.  Well, that is simply not true.  You may look at it and think that all of the first few exercises are quad related, but they incorporate both the quads and hams.  Sure, leg press and hack squats concentrate more on your quads depending on your foot placement, but don’t think your hams aren’t working as well.  Same goes for lunges and glute kickbacks as well.  Trust me, it’s a well balances workout!

Ok enough of the talk.  Let’s get ready to smash your legs?  110% baby, let’s go!

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