Legendary Legs #8

Legendary Legs #8

This is probably the most brutal leg workout so far in the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer.  If you are looking for an easy leg workout, do yourself a favor and don’t give this one a try!

While there is a reason for the order to the exercises, I started out doing the calf exercises first.  Why you ask?  Because my calves suck!  I am one of the genetically ungifted people when it comes to calves.  They are strong and I can run pretty fast, but as far as size?  I have seen bigger calves on 13 year olds and that is a true story.  The calves are very dependant on genetics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some changes in them.  By doing calves first in your leg workout, you will be giving them full attention with your full strength and dedication.  If you are like me and your calves seem to never want to grow into cows, then I recommend hitting calves often and also put them first in your leg day workouts.

After pre-exhausting yourself with leg extensions, you will be doing supersets of squats and sissy squats.  You can use barbell, machine or smith machine for your squats.  Next up is leg press and walking dumbbell lunge supersets.  THIS is absolutely exhausting.  You will do your set of leg press, and immediately grab the dumbbells and for 20 steps (10 steps per leg).  You will quickly realize that this is a LOT harder than it appears if you are giving maximum effort on your leg press.

Your quads should be on fire by this point, so then you give them a rest working your hams with two different exercises totalling eight sets.  After your legs are completely on fire, you will finish up with 10 minutes of HIIT on the stair climber.  Good luck!

Well it’s go time!  Get your mind in it, your preworkout down and give your 110% each and every time!

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