Legendary Legs #9

Legendary Legs Workout #9

Man I love working legs!  I have prepared an intense, grueling leg workout that you will have a love/hate relationship.  If you are following the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, we are nearing the end on day #59!  Only one more leg workout after this, so we are going to be sure to make this one count!

As I’ve previously mentioned, if you have genetically ungifted calves, I recommend you start with the calf exercises as I did.  Of course if you are one of the lucky ones with good calves, feel free to follow the regular order of the program.

I have loaded you up on the calves with a total of twelve sets.  The first exercise you will be doing four dropsets.  So you will be doing the first set of reps to failure, then drop the weight for ten more reps.  Then proceed to do the two other calf exercises.

Next up you will be pre-exhausting your quads with leg extensions.  This will warm ’em up and get some blood flowing for your heavy sets of hack squats, leg press and barbell or machine squats which follow.  All three of these exercise will follow a similar rep range.  Be sure to choose the appropriate weight that gets you to failure or near failure on each set.

Up next you will be doing one-legged standing leg curls, followed by seated leg curls for your hams.  It is imperative that you reach failure on each set and make the most out of these eight sets!

You will finish off your workout with three giant sets of abs.

From start to finish, you will be busting your ass and will walk away with the pain of satisfaction if you give it your 110%.  Are you ready to do this?   Let’s go!

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