Less stress equals a better workout

Less stress equals a better workout
Less stress equals a better workout

We all have stress in our life. If you don’t, you probably aren’t human. The problem with stress is that it can negatively affect so many aspects of our lives. While some stress is actually healthy and beneficial, too much stress can lead to all kinds of problems.

When you hit the gym, or whatever it is you do when you exercise, to get a better workout and get the maximum benefits out of your exercise, you need to channel your stress in another direction. Try to clear it from your mind, or use that stress energy to power through your workout. If you are thinking about your stress while you are working out, chances are you will have a sub-par workout. Your cortisol levels will be higher when you are stressed, which can lead to little or no gains, or even backward progress.

Before you hit the weights, you may want to do some cardio first if you are stressed. The cardio will release endorphins, which is basically a natural mild tranquilizer. Doing cardio first when you have stress that you cannot channel out can help clear it out, and make the rest of your workout much better.

If you suffer from light to moderate stress on a regular basis, an excellent, inexpensive supplement that you should try is St. John’s Wart. It’s a natural anti-depressant and stress reliever, and it derived from a plant. I have been using this for years and swear by it. I have stopped using it on several occasions, only to start it back up again. It really works that good and consistently putting you in a better mood and relieving stress. You may want to consult your doctor before you use it just to be safe.  Click here to checkout a great deal at bodybuilding.com for St. John’s Wart, also called hypiricum.

If you can learn to set your stress aside when you workout, or use that stress in your favor when you do workout, you will have much better workouts and much better results!

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