Look at yourself out in the mirror naked

Check yourself out naked in the mirror daily
Sounds strange, but you should check yourself out naked daily

To track your fitness progress, a good tip is to take a look at yourself naked in the same mirror every single morning on an empty stomach.  Because scales can lie due to inaccuracy, bodyfat percentage changes and the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, a better judge is a mirror.

Focus on every single part of you, well your muscles are what I am referring to.  When you are leaning out and trying to get better definition, this is one of the best ways to see what direction you are going.  Be sure to do this when you wake up every morning before eating or drinking, which will give you the most consistent picture of your body and it won’t be influenced by water or food pushing out your belly.  You will be able to tell if your arms look a little bigger, or maybe that bicep vein is starting to show a little more.  Maybe your abs are starting to show, or your chest looks a little more chiseled.  Same way in reverse, as maybe your ab definition looks a little softer, your chest a little smaller or flabbier.  Check yourself out every morning.  This will be a good indicator if your fitness routine is currently working for you.  I can literally see changes in my body from one or two nights of cheating on my diet.  I will wake up the next morning and see less definition in my abs, and some veins starting to disappear.

Trust me, this method works if you are consistent with it.  If you don’t trust yourself being the judge of the person in mirror, as an alternative you can take pictures of yourself.  Put your phone on reverse camera, set a timer and do various poses (front, back and side), wearing the same clothes.  Be sure to take the picture in the same place so you always take it and have the lighting the same.  You are probably well aware of how lighting can dramatically affect a photo.  If you don’t trust this, show pictures to a friend or family member once a week, and tell them to give you their honest opinion of your progress.

Although the mirror can be a horrible judge for some things, for tracking your progress it can be one of the best tools you will find.  Keep it up, and keep up whatever you are doing when you look extra good naked in the mirror.

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