Make your fitness goals public and you will improve!

Make your goals public

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or you are an advanced lifter and striving to improve, you should always set goals.  You should have both long term goals as well as short term goals.  Your long term goals are what you ultimately want to accomplish, such as losing 40 pounds, getting your bench press to 225 or gaining 20 pounds of muscle.  Your short term goals should be small goals such as losing 5 pounds, losing an inch off your waist, or adding a couple pounds of muscle.

Short term goals are the most motivational goals, because they should be ones that you can accomplish in a short period of time.  Of course, in your fitness journey, a short period of time may still be several months.  Since your fitness journey should be a lifetime fitness journey, a few months is actually considered a short term goal.

Now, with that in mind, what you must do is confess what needs improvement.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  What are you unhappy with?  Are your arms too small?  Is your waist too big?  Do you think you need to drop 20 pounds?  Write down your goals, and better yet make them public.  Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell all of your friends on Facebook.  Post Instagram pictures of yourself…. whatever you can do to hold yourself accountable.

Don’t be annoying about it by posting your workouts every single day on a non-fitness social media site, but let the world know what you are doing.  There are plenty of apps and websites that specialize in fitness (such as this one right here), that you can post all day long about your fitness journey.  By doing this, you are setting a goal for yourself as well as having extra motivation to reach your goal by putting it out publicly.  Most people that do this will end up trying harder, because they don’t want to fail when they know people know about your goal.

Think of it this way.  How many times have you said you were going to start being consistent with eating and exercise starting at some point in your life?  If other people know what you are doing, then you have more to live up to.  It’s easy to just quit and disappoint yourself, but it is tougher to admit to other people that you have quit something when they know what you publicly said you were doing.  It is the same for people trying to quit smoking.  If you let others know you are going to quit, you have that extra weight on your shoulders of trying not to disappoint them.  Except for fitness, you are going to be trying extra hard because you want to impress them.

So go out there and let the world know your goals.  Start by writing an article here and let our readers know you about your fitness journey.  You will be surprised how much more motivational it is when you document your journey, and have some accountability by other people besides yourself.  One of my reasons for making this website is to motivate myself, so I can improve.  By writing articles about my fitness journey, I am throwing myself out to the world and giving myself motivation to improve.  Give it a try!

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