More effective bent over rows

Bent over rows tip

While I was doing one arm dumbbell bent over rows on a bench the other day, I overheard the personal trainer talking to his client about what he was doing incorrectly as he was performing the exercises.  Granted the trainer is not someone who I would normally take advice from just by looking at him, however looks can be deceiving and he seems very knowledgeable.  The simply tip was to make sure to bring your elbow up as high as possible when you are comign up with the weight.  Granted I normally do this to some degree, but that is not the part I am specifically concentrating on when I am doing the exercise.  I found that it hits the mid and upper back better when you do this.  So next time you are doing the bent over rows whether it be over a bench, standing up, with a dumbbell or with a barbell, concentrate on this simple tip and see if you don’t get a little better workout!

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