No carbs diet? I say NO WAY!

No Carbs? No way!

This is going to be very brief because it’s so simple. One of the biggest diet myths out there, at least in my opinion, is the super low or no carbs diet. The reason this is popular is because you will probably lose weight when on this diet. For one reason, unless you are replacing it with something else, you are cutting out calories since you are not having carbs. Many people lose weight quickly at first when trying this diet. A friend of mine has already lost five pounds doing this, and he is adamant about no carbs right now.

The problem with this is that your body NEEDS carbs, period, just the good (complex) carbs are what you should mainly have.  Cut out the bread and sugar, eat more sweet potatoes and brown rice and you will do much better than ‘No carbs’.  Your main energy source is carbohydrates.  No, he’s probably not going to die from this, but most likely he is going to get pretty weak, his workouts will suffer and he will end up gaining back the weight.  Your body adjusts to almost everything, and when he starts going back to doing normal carbs , he wil most likely start gaining the weight back quicker than someone who never did this in the first place.  I have seen time and time again, people that try fad diets and lose weight quickly, only to gain it all back and sometimes more.

There is no big secret folks!  Consistent clean dieting, cardio and resistance exercise are the only healthy ways of losing weight, gaining muscle and keeping it off.  Stop thinking there is some big secret and start putting in the work and effort. Bodies do not get fat in a day nor get lean in a day. Do the work, give it time and change will come. Your body will thank you!!!

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