Quest for big arms: Tip #7285

Quick tip for big arms

You want big arms? Of course you do! Here is one of many quick tips. Assuming you work out your arms once a week, be sure you do your chest workout about 3-4 days after your arm workout. In other words, spread the two workouts as far away from each other as possible. Why you ask? Well you ever notice how you get pretty much a full upper body pump when you hit your chest workout hard? When you do the typical chest exercises, you are also working your triceps pretty hard, and even biceps gets worked to some degree. You use your triceps in all of the chest pressing movements like flat bench press, incline bench press and decline bench press. You also use both triceps and biceps when you do your flyes. So in essence, if you spread these two workouts far apart, you are partially getting a second arm workout in every week as well. I found that this not only helps grow your arms, but it also will give you more strength on your chest day because your biceps and triceps will be healed and ready to press some weight when chest day comes along.

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