Quick tip #732 for a great bicep pump

Quick tip for a big bicep pump

We all want bigger arms, or most of us at least, right?  Well I do, too which is why I work my arms out very hard each time I hit the weights.  As you probably have heard, your tricep muscle is much larger than your bicep, so for a bigger sized arm, you wants to put more effort into your triceps.  However, your biceps are what most people notice when looking at your arms.  Therefore having large biceps is at least as important for aesthetics as having big triceps.

One thing I have noticed over the years of working out is I tend to get a very good pump when I do a couple sets of seated bicep curls after I am all done with my bicep workout.  It’s not a “rep out” kind of thing, either.  If I simply take the heaviest weight that I can get 6-8 reps with, and really concentrate and slowly bring it up and down (each arm individually) It really gives me a rock hard pump immediately afterward.  Yes, my arms are already pumped before this exercise, but they for sure get more pumped and tighter when I have performed this exercise right afterward.

Give it a try, when you are all exhausted out from your bicep workout.  Sit down, grab a couple of heavy dumbbells and do some slow, controlled contracting reps.  I bet you will get a great pump, too.

Let me know in the comments if this worked for you, or any ways that you maximize your bicep pump!

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