Quick tip to target that bicep peak

How to target the bicep peak

A good bicep peak is one of the most sought-after aspects when it comes to bodybuilding.  Your arms in general are usually considered to be one of the most noticeable muscles on your body.  Every guy wants big, defined arms.  When flexed, the look of the biceps can vary tremendously, even if two people have the exact same size arms.  One aspect that really adds a lot of appeal to an arm is having a nice bicep peak.

The peak of the bicep is somewhat genetic in nature.  Some people have a great peak naturally, and others don’t.  That doesn’t mean you can’t improve what you are given.  One easy way to target the bicep peak involves dumbbells.  When you are doing dumbbell curls, whether it be standing, sitting, preacher style or concentration curls, follow this simple step to hit the peak.  As you are bringing the weight up, right before your muscle is fully contracted, twist your wrist as far out as you can as you are coming to full contraction.  For example, if you are using your left are doing a dumbbell curl, as you are closing in on fully contracting the muscle, twist your wrist all the way clockwise (to the left).  Do the same with your right arm, only the opposite way, so you would be twisting it to the right.  This subtle addition to the dumbbell curl will target the bicep peak.

Give it a try without weight and you can see how it targets the peak.  Simply perform a one arm curl without weight and contract your arm as if you had a dumbbell in your hand.  Twist your wrist as mentioned as you are fully contracting your muscle.  You will see the peak of the bicep stand up higher, as compared to if you were just doing normal curls or hammer curls.  Keep this up each time you perform dumbbell curls, and you will be noticing a higher, more defined bicep peak.

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