Quick tips for a weekend of overindulgence

Quick tips for a weekend of overindulgence

This past weekend, while I had lots of fun, I drank way too much, ate too much and didn’t exercise. My net result was about three pounds of extra weight when I did my daily morning weigh in. If I would of simply followed my own article, Don’t let the weekend ruin your weekday gains, I wouldn’t be stuck in this dilemma.  Luckily, over the years I have learned a couple of things to get back on track pretty quick.

Normally for weight loss, you do not want to lose the weight too quickly.  1-2 pounds a week is a good key to weight loss.  When people try to lose weight too quickly, they will normally be losing more muscle mass than if they lost it slowly, and also will have a higher likelihood of having more loose skin.  However, if you have suddenly gained weight very quickly over the weekend from eating or drinking too much, it is best to get that weight off as quickly as possible.  Does that mean starving yourself?  No.  It means be as strict as possible on your diet, and make each meal a little bit smaller.  Especially if you drank alcohol, you will want to do a good amount of cardio to burn that off.  Alcohol calories are unique and need to be burned off first before you can even think of burn off your other calories that you consumed.  This morning I did 20 mins of cardio in addition to my normal workout.  This cut off a little over 200 calories, and I will be cutting down a little on my brown rice for each meal, which is my main carb staple.  I plan on losing a pound a day until I have the weight off, and this should be the plan for you, too.  If you somehow gained 5 pounds over the weekend, you will want to get it off quickly and be back to your normal weight by the middle of the week.  My goal is to weight back to 189 come Wednesday morning.

Normally this is not a realistic goal, but my philosophy is that I gained the weight that quick, before it can set in and get stored as fat, I want to burn those calories quickyl to get my body back on track.  I will continue to do 20 mins of cardio for the next two days, lower my carb intake and check my weight until I am back on track.  Also, drink lots of water.  You should always keep yourself well hydrated, but especially after a weekend of eating or drinking too much.  Just keep drinking your water to help hydrate and flush out your system.

So the next time you overindulge and gain weight over the weekend, work your butt off until you get it off as quickly as possible.  Or better yet, follow my own advice of moderation and you won’t have to worry about it in the first place!

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