Golden Shoulders Workout #1

Golden Shoulders Workout #1

It’s time to get those boulder shoulders!  A pair of big, sculpted shoulders will not only make your arms look bigger and more defined, but will make your overall physique look much more massive and symmetrical.  Large shoulders will give you that wide look, while also created an illusion of a smaller waist.  Though they are not one of the larger muscles on the body, they have three heads and do require a lot of work despite what many say.  Some trainers will only work shoulders every couple of weeks, but I strongly disagree and feel shoulders should be worked at least once a week.

This is a heavy week, so your reps will be lower and you will be selecting the maximum weight possible to attain the designating reps, all while keeping proper form.  If you are only able to get the reps in while having shitty form, then don’t bother.  Throw out your ego for the moment, lower your weight and use the correct weight where you are struggling or failing on the last rep of each set.  You are going for power, which will in turn build you size and strength.

As with ALL my workouts, make sure you warm up properly and do a couple of light sets before performing your first exercise.  I recommend you also perform one lightweight set before EACH AND EVERY EXERCISE you perform.  This is especially important on your strength training days with lower reps, as there is an increased risk of injury when moving the heavier iron.

So get your favorite pre-workout down, your mind pumped and primed to hit the gym, and get ready to grow!

P.S. – I work biceps and triceps twice a week in most of my trainers to achieve maximum arm size.   If you are following the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, you will know that we already worked biceps and triceps this week.  You can substitute a different muscle group for the bicep exercises if you so desire.  If you have a weak bodypart, or simply want to add extra emphasis on one, here is where you get an opportunity to get it in twice a week.  Just be sure you haven’t worked that bodypart for a good 48+ hours, so you give it time to recover and not overtrain.

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