Golden Shoulders #10

Golden Shoulders #10

We are on the second to the last day of the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, and we are hitting it harder than ever.  If you have followed a strict diet, you will have seen some amazing results whether you are gearing your diet toward leaning out or bulking up.  Either way, this trainer will make it happen if you are strict and follow it as planned.

Today’s shoulder workout will be a struggle, but you will be left with a massive pump and stronger than when you began.  Well maybe not stronger right after the workout, but stronger down the road!  First you will be supersetting dumbbell shoulder raises with barbell front raises.  Take very little time between sets, maybe 30-60 seconds.  Then you will be supersetting incline reverse plate flyes with reverse cable crossovers.  It’s a great combination to really hit those rear delts.  Up next are two separate exercises, with the first being single arm cable lateral raises, followed by single arm dumbbell lateral raises.  I find that by doing each arm individually, I can really concentrate on the side delt and get a much better mind/muscle connection which leads to a better pump.  Lastly, you will be doing four quick drop sets of machine shoulder press, starting out heavy with low reps and ascending up to higher reps with lower weight.  NO REST between sets!

For biceps, it’s going to be standing cable curls.  I used an EZ-bar, and attached handles to each side.  This really hit the peak contraction well.  Up next is machine preacher curls, and then four quick drop sets of dumbbell curls with no rest between the sets.  Lastly, you will be doing alternating single arm cable curls for 25 reps per arm, and a total of two sets.  This will simply pump the hell out of your arms for your finishing exercise.

For abs, you will be doing three giant sets of cable crunches, hanging leg raises and cable wood choppers.  Take no rest between ANY of the sets.  Just keep it going!

Alright, well now IT IS TIME!!  Get amped, get primed, and LET’S DO IT!!! Second to the last day!!!!!!!!!


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