Golden Shoulders Workout #3

Golden Shoulders Workout #3

Shoulder day is upon us!  Definitely one of my favorite bodyparts to work.  Big shoulders give you a broad look, and are the caps of your arms.  If you don’t have shoulders going on, your arms will never look as impressive as they could no matter how big they are.

We are going heavy today, and the workout adds a new exercise from the last heavy workout called Linear Jammers.  You may be looking at that exercise and wondering “WTF is a linear jammer??”.  Well truthfully I have been doing this exercise for over a year, and I just found out the true name of it today.  This is a spinoff of one of my favorite upper chest exercises, the kneeling landmine press.  Many gyms have a placeholder for an olympic bar, where you can insert it to stay in place.  Simply add some weight, Raise the bar from the floor, taking it to your shoulders with one or both hands (one hand in this case).  Your elbow should be bowed a little out and your stance wide.  This is your starting position.  Perform the movement by extending the elbow, pressing the weight up, concentrating on using only your delts to move the weight.  Bring the weight back to the start position, and you have completed one rep.  This exercise will give you a hell of a pump, and is also a great size and strength builder.

Let’s get to it guys!  Get your favorite pre-workout down, your head in the game and only concentrating on building your shoulders, and let’s get to it!!!!!!!!

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