Golden Shoulders Workout #7

Golden Shoulders Workout #7

I have created a killer shoulder workout for myself and I am sharing it with you!  All of the workouts you see on here are ones that are created for none other than, me!  The best ones I share on my website so you can try them out, too!  Your comments are always appreciated, whether they are positive or negative.  I like hearing feedback about any of my workouts, or anything else for that matter.

You can tell these workouts are created for me since you will notice that arms are hit, in total, twice a week.  I don’t recommend this for everyone, but I personally like to have big arms.  I have done tests on myself, and found that working arms twice a week definitely helps them grow.  This may not be the same for you, but it works for me.  If you have another muscle that you would rather concentrate on getting better, than I recommend you substitute the extra arm day and work that muscle.  For instance, if your back seems to be your weakest body part, you might consider doing back twice a week.  I don’t work everything twice a week because I have found it leads to injuries, which just ends up slowing my gains.  One bodypart twice a week is fine, but not all of them.  That at least is what works for me.

You ready to build those shoulders?  Well give it your all and let’s do it!

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