Golden Shoulders #8

Golden Shoulders Workout #8

Another killer shoulder workout is in the books!  If you are following the 10 Week Size and Strength Trainer, we are on day #53 already!  Just a little over two weeks left until you complete it, so let’s not get off track and be sure you finish just as strong (or stronger) than you started!

To start this workout off, you will be supersetting seated dumbbell shoulder raises with barbell upright rows.  Due to the rep range, it’s pretty exhausting but you do get a lesser set of 10 where you can use some heavier, manly weight.  Up next you will be supersetting reverse machine flyes with incline dumbbell rear delt raises.  Finally, for your side delts you will be supersetting dumbell lateral raises with cable lateral raises.  I recommend using one arm at a time to perform the reps, then switch to the other.  Though it takes awhile, this gives full concentration to each shoulder for maximum gains.

Up next you will be doing biceps and supersetting seated dumbbell curls with hammer curls, and then some preacher curls and burning out with 100 reps of cable curls (50 reps on each arm, alternating left and right).   You will be pumped beyond belief!  The photo at the top was taken right after I did the cable curls.  My shoulders were already pumped and my biceps were exploding!

Finish off with abs and that ends your workout.  Now it’s time to do it!  Do you have what it takes?  YES you do!  Now give it your 110% and let’s do it!


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