Golden Shoulders #9

Golden Shoulders #9

Here is another very intense shoulder workout for your pain and pleasure!  This workout is a killer combination of strength and volume to get you strong and pumped!

Starting off you will be doing four heavy sets of Hammer Strength Shoulder Press.  If you do not have one of these at your gym, you can use the Smith Machine or a standard shoulder press machine.  Of course, be sure to warm up properly before you start.  I always recommend doing a couple of light sets before you hit the big boys.

For your front, side and rear delts, you will be doing three supersets for each.  The first superset exercise will start with progress from higher reps to lower reps, and the second will start with lower reps and progress to higher reps.  It’s the perfect combination to achieve a great pump and put some size on those delts.  Be sure to hit failure or at least near failure with every set.  If you are not pushing hard enough, you are only cheat yourself!  You want max gains?  Then hit every single with full strength and intensity.

After your delts are blastes, it’s time for biceps.  There are four sets of two strength exercises (barbell curls and standing dumbbell curls).  The final exercise is dumbbell preacher curls, and you will be individual arms (left first then right, or right first then left) with the indicated number of reps.  So,  for example, the first set you will be doing twelve reps with your left arm and twelve with your right.

You should now have a killer pump in your shoulders and biceps!  Finish off with 10 minutes of HIIT and that completes your workout!

Are you ready?  Do you want this?  Well give it your 100% and let’s get it!

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