Supplement Review: Met-Rx Quik Creatine HCL

Met-Rx Quik Creatine HCL
Met-Rx Quik Creatine HCL

I haven’t use a creatine supplement besides my pre and post workout supplements (which have very little creatine) for many years. The reason is because I am from the old school, where creatine used to have to be loaded with a bunch of sugar. While it did make me bigger, it also made me smoother with less definition, and I did not want the trade off.

Fast forward 20 years, and creatines have evolved quite a bit, although they essentially still do the same thing. The product I have been using is Met-Rx Quik Creatine HCL (Hydrocholoride). I have tried both the lemon lime flavors as well as the Pomegranate Punch. I prefer the Pomegranate, but the lemon lime is okay as well. They are a little sweet, so be sure to mix it with lots of water, which you should do anyway.

Compared to other similar supplements such as ProMera Con-Cret, this is a lot cheaper per serving. Although I have never tried Con-Cret, from what I have read as well as asking other people that have tried both, they both seem to be comparable in effectiveness. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Con-Crete, this should be perfect for you.

I have been using Met-Rx Quik Creatine for awhile now, and definitely have seen results. Without changing anything else in my diet or routine, my strength has gone up on many exercises. I seem to be able to push out a couple more reps, or at least have the energy to do them when I did not as much before. In other words, it makes me push extra hard. Also, I have gained a pound or two of lean muscle. While that probably does not sound like much, I have been working out for 25 years, so making gains at this stage in the game is NOT easy! I highly recommend this is you are looking for a good creatine supplement that won’t break the bank!

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