Arm Annihilator

Dynamite Delts 5

SMITH MACHINE SHOULDER PRESS 5 sets of 25,15,12,10,6 reps DUMBBELL FRONT RAISES 4 sets of 20,15,10,8 reps per arm DUMBBELL SIDE LATERAL RAISES (SINGLE ARM) 4 sets of 15,12,10,8 reps per arm CABLE LATERAL RAISES […]

Arm Annihilator

Big Gunz 5

BICEPS & TRICEPS MACHINE PREACHER CURLS 4 sets of 25,15,10,5 reps TRICEP EXTENSIONS W/ROPE ATTACHMENT 4 sets of 25,20,12,8 reps SEATED DUMBBELL CURLS 4 sets of 25,15,10,6 reps REVERSE GRIP TRICEP PUSHDOWNS 4 sets of […]

Arm Annihilator

Big Gunz 4

Welcome to day the second day of week 4!  It’s one of my favorite workouts today – ARMS!  Who doesn’t like to work arms?  I love working out so I usually enjoy every workout, but […]

Chest Destroyer

Chest Shredder 3

It’s the last workout of week three…and it’s Chest Day!  Get ready to get a monster chest pump as you superset your way through this exhausting workout.  You will finish up with triceps, which should […]

Back Workout

Razor Back 3

The third week of the muscle confusion trainer starts with back.  This is a week of supersets and drop sets.  You will completely fatigue your muscles to the point they are screaming, and have no […]