What muscles do girls like most on guys?

What muscles do girls like most on guys?
Does anyone know what women want?

Let’s face it, as guys, a lot of the reason for working out is to be more appealing to girls.  Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s a fact.  While there are so many other benefits such as increased strength, endurance, self esteem… I could go on and on, but one of the main reasons, especially for the slightly younger group of bodybuilders, is to attract the women.

So what muscles do women find most attractive?  Well that can completely vary from person to person, however there are some muscles that are higher on most women’s list.  To get an idea of what muscles women find most attractive, I surveyed a group of twelve women ranging in age from 25 to 45 years old.  All of these women are into fitness, so this may not represent what the average woman that doesn’t even lift would say.  Here were their thoughts word for word:

  • “Chest, biceps, abs, and glutes. No chicken legs!”
  • “Arms/shoulders, chest and legs”
  • “I like shoulders, and lower abs… Ummmm calf and traps too though”
  • “Traps, delts, lats .. I love a beautiful back.”
  • “Back, shoulders, chest, glutes/quads…in that order”
  • “Arms, back, shoulders, chest, glutes and quads”
  • “Back, shoulders, that v-thing on lower abs, glutes”
  • “I personally think the man’s V line on his hips is beautiful. Not sure why, but I love it!!”
  • “Chest, back, abs and then arms.”
  • “Nice eyes and smile, then glutes (of course), legs, abs, shoulders and arms”
  • “The back, I just think there is nothing sexier than a nice back”
  • “Chest, Biceps, Abs, Glutes”

As you probably would guess, there were a wide variety of answers from a variety of women.  Since it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is not one specific body part that is more attractive than another for the majority of women.  However, over time from my experience, the majority of women like a lean, toned muscular but not overly muscular body that is proportioned nicely.  Being “huge” is usually not as attractive to women as being lean and muscular, but again, it all varies.  If you are looking to attract women with your muscles, I would recommend keeping a consistent workout and eating clean to get that lean, toned muscular look that many women love.

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