What should I be eating to get my protein?

Protein ideas

Since everyone has different tastes, and some of us get sick of eating the same thing everyday, there are many different foods to choose from to fuel your protein packed bodybuilding meals. I usually go the chicken breast route as my main staple. My local Winco has it for $1.99 a pound, so I buy around 20 pounds. I grill up 10 pounds at a time, cut it into 6 oz portions and put in in small freezer bags. I refrigerate it, and for the first three to four days simply have to microwave it for just over a minute to have a perfect portion of fresh, hot chicken breast. Then I freeze the rest, and it takes about three minutes to make it, and it loses just a bit of the flavor. I have been doing this for years.  I change the seasoning often to keep it from getting boring.  Sometimes I will use Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, other times I will buy Hatch chiles to pour over it, and I sometimes simply use seasoned salt or just eat it plain.

After years of doing this, I have grown just a little bored of it and looking to add other proteins into my daily eating schedule.  To find out what other fellow lifters eat on a daily basis, I surveyed a group of around 20 men and women.  All of the people surveyed are heavy into fitness and workout on a regular basis.  Here is what they had to say about what they eat for protein:


  • “Chicken and steak. Mostly chicken though, I try to limit my red meat intake.”
  • “Protein towder; flavored powder”
  • “Steak, beef, rabbit, deer steak, steak, steak steak, other variants of steak, ect…”
  • “Tuna along with chicken… and shakes of course!!”
  • “Turkey, chicken, steak, fish…on endless repeat”
  • “Chicken, Pangasius and egg whites”
  • “Steak, chicken, salmon, shrimps, turkey, greek yougurt”
  • “6 eggs in the morning, Greek yogurt mid morning, tuna at lunch, chicken salad then steak Mince at tea time, 3 shakes per day. Followed that for 6 weeks now and losing bodyfat, gaining muscle. Can’t wait to see the next 6 weeks”
  • “Currently its burgers. It was chicken but I got tired of it. In the winter I like fish”
  • “Chicken,steak, pork,turkey”
  • “Steak and dark meat poultry”
  • “Beef,lots of beef.”
  • “Flank steak, deer steak, elk steak chicken, ground turkey, salmon”
  • “Cottage cheese and tuna in olive oil”
  • “Tender, well-spiced pot roast. I could eat a whole one to myself haha!!! Then chicken thighs and Greek yogurt…not together ;)”
  • “Usually a nice tender venison tenderloin, but right now protein powder with fat free greek yogurt cause its the only thing sweet I can eat.”
  • “Venison. There’s very little fat in it.”
  • “Fish twice a week, chicken and turkey throughout the day. Dinners or post workout usually red meat. Bison or lean beef. Breakfast usually fit in some red meat as well. I took all supplements with the exception of BCAAs out of my diet. It’s helped streamline the efficiency of my metabolism.”
  • “Fish. Salmon mostly. Tuna and scrambled eggs too almost daily.”
  • “Salmon and ground turkey with avocado!!!”


This should give you a variety of choices when selecting your protein for your meals.  As we all know, protein is a very importing building block for adding lean muscle, and luckily it comes in a variety of sources so you don’t have to get bored off your behind eating the same thing everyday!  Comment below and let us know what your favorite protein source is!



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