Why you need that annoying gallon water jug

Why you need that annoying gallon water jug

You see them at every gym.  Those guys (or girls) carrying around that big one gallon milk jug of water around.  Often these people are ridiculed at gyms, usually behind their backs of course.  Do a search on the internet..it really seems to bother people.  I mean, why would you carry around a gallon of water to the gym?  Are you seriously going to drink that whole thing in your gym hour?  C’mon now!

Well while I am not one of those people that carry around a gallon of water to the gym, I do now use one at home and work.  I have found it, by far, the easiest and most motivating way to get your daily water requirement.  Simply fill it up and drink it throughout the day.  You know exactly how much you have to drink this way.  So if you are half way through the day and you see you have only drank 1/4 of the jug, you know you have to pick up the pace, man!

I used to use a large glass of water and keep refilling it throughout the day.  This is great and all, but you end up losing track of having many glasses you have had, or end up not even refilling it enough.  Now that I switched to using a gallon jug, I almost always consistently drink the full gallon a day, and am always sufficiently hydrated.  About the only drawback to this is the fact you will be a lot more likely to drink more water daily, so you will be running to the bathroom to relieve yourself very often.  Nothing wrong with that unless you work a job where a bathroom is not very accessible.

You can use a milk jug and just rinse it our, or simply buy a gallon of water and use it several times.   Bodybuilding.com also sells a couple types of reusable gallon jugs for very reasonable prices.  Click here to check them out.  I have a few different gallon jugs, so I always have a clean one on hand.

So keep the gallon jug of water at your desk while you are working, bring it to the gym or wherever you go to keep hydrated all day.  Just be sure you finish it off by early evening time, so you are not constantly waking up to run to the bathroom!


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