You can make exercise fun!

You can make exercise fun!
You can make exercise fun!

Believe it or not, exercise does not have to be something you hate. The vast majority of people simply do not like exercising. They think of it as a chore. Just like any other chore, it’s something people normally do only because they feel like they have to. If you are one of those people, there are alternative ways to exercise to make it a lot more interesting, some of which you might even enjoy.

Probably about one in ten people that go to the gym actually enjoy it. I am one of those “weird” people that usually look forward to going to the gym everyday, maybe with the exception of leg day. The other nine people at the gym are there to get it done and are happy when it’s done. The standard gym workout is one of the more boring forms of exercise according to many. If you are sick and tired of the gym, or don’t go to one in the first place because you hate it, consider some of these to get your exercise in:

  • Hiking – Hiking is an excellent lower body workout that also is a form of cardio, which strengthens your heart. Hiking can be a fun way to exercise because you are outdoors, around other people and get to experience the beauty of nature while you exercise. If you don’t want to make it too tough, find a beginner trail and start there. There are many paved trails out there that are perfect for the beginning hiker. As you build up your cardio and muscle endurance, you can either go faster, go furthur or find a new trail. You can even bring your dog with you, or go with a hiking buddy to make it even more interesting
  • Classes – One of the fastest growing forms of exercise are group classes. There are many different classes you can take including yoga, cardio, strength training, pilates and many more. Working out with a group of people is almost always more motivating. You will usually push yourself harder, get more out of your workout and make it a lot moClasses – One of the fastest growing forms of exercise are group classes. There are many different classes you can take including yoga, cardio, strength training, pilates andre enjoyable. When you workout with a group, you are much more likely to keep it up.
  • Walk your dog – Simple, yes, but also effective. Go for long walks everyday with your dog. If possible, find a hill so you can work a little harder and get some quad, glute and hamstring work. If you find it too easy, you can always jog or bring hand weights along with you to make it more challenging, and then you have a full body workout. Your dog will also love it too, and at the same time your dog is reaping the benefits of exercise.
  • Swimming – A very good form of cardio and overall muscle development. When you swim, you are not only exercising your heart, but you are getting a full body workout. There are many, many muscles being worked when you swim. Ever see a swimmers body? If you have a pool, great. If not, you can always find a public pool, a lake or ask your neighbor to use their pool (Hey, it’s worth a try!). Many large chain gyms also have a pool that you can use.
  • Dancing – Another super cardio workout is dancing. Not only can it be fun, but you are getting a great workout. Even better, you may meet some new friends, or maybe even your new dance partner if you know what I mean. Guys, girls love a guy that can dance, and there is nothing better to a woman than a guy that at least tries to dance. Find a local dance spot or bar and dance the night away, and get your workout on at the same time.
  • Play active video games – There are some interactive video games that offer games that actually give you a pretty darn good workout. Some are intended for that purpose, others give you a workout without even trying. The Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move and the Wii all have accessories that can turn a standard video game into a fun, interactive, cardio filled event. Don’t have access to one of these systems, maybe your kids or friends have one?
  • Play with your kids – Young and even older kids love to spend quality time with their parents, and what better way is there to get a workout? Play tag, chase your kids, wrestle with them… Run out of ideas? Most likely they will come up with an idea and you won’t even have to worry about it. The best part, you are spending quality time with your kids!
  • Take a bike ride – Remember when you were a kid and rode your bike everywhere? Why not start doing that again? Get on your bike and explore your neighborhood, drive to some of the local shops and check them out, or use it as cardio on the way to the gym. Bring your kids or a friend for added motivation. You may just start using your bicycle all the time once you start!

These are just a few alternate ways to get your exercise in.  There are many more, and you can use your imagination to think of other ideas.  Try to get in exercise at least three times a week.  It doesn’t have to feel like strenuous work.  Alternate your forms of exercise, find an exercise buddy and make exercise fun for you!  Comment below and let us know your favorite ways to make exercise fun.

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